I am Josiah, and I have a personality.

I love optimism, dreaming big, learning from failure, exploring, encouragement & fighting for what's right. I'm interested in where magic meets reality, and in problems beneath the problems. I'm practicing using design as a tool for revealing hope in the world. 
I'm currently looking for a full-time design position where I can be mentored by experienced designers while growing in my craft. 
Email me at josiahwerning@gmail.com if you can help in my search. 

Most recently, I was the Design Lead & Creative Director for Cynthia Nixon's gubernatorial campaign. Before that, I freelanced at Big Spaceship (client: Google) and Elephant (client: Apple). 
Much of my personal work brings branding to social movements, nonprofit organizations, and community groups to amplify voices that need to be heard. I was an artist-in-residence at Saga Artist Residency in Iceland this past January. I received my BFA in Design in 2009 from the Peck School of the Arts. 
Follow me on Instagram @josiahwerning as I play with my creative practice.
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