Hi, I'm Josiah. I’m a multidisciplinary graphic designer & artist based in Brooklyn.

Most recently, I was the design lead and creative director for Cynthia for New York (Cynthia Nixon's democratic gubernatorial campaign), and I'm currently looking for my next job  — email me at josiahwerning@gmail.com, I'd love to hear from you! 
Design is how I see the world. I am endlessly curious and fascinated by the power of good design. I am in a continuous state of education with design; always exploring new things and trying to have fun doing it. I love to surround myself with experienced designers who can challenge me and take my work to the next level, as well as mentor younger designers to help them develop their skill. 
Although my professional experience includes advertising and design agencies, much of my personal work brings powerful branding to social movements, nonprofit organizations, and community groups to amplify voices that need to be heard.
You’ll see collaborations in my portfolio with groups from the immigrant rights movement, climate justice, an anti-gun-violence media project, the UN, social justice poets from the Bronx, and more.
I was also an artist-in-residence at Saga Artist Residency in Iceland this past January. I received my BFA in Design in 2009 from the Peck School of the Arts. 
I love rock climbing, exploring the outdoors, and making music videos for fun.
Follow me on Instagram @josiahwerning as I play with my creative practice.
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